BY: Lively Staff

August 3, 2018

A Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon is quintessential summertime fruit, and there’s no better way to eat it than straight from the rind. The second best way to consume watermelon is in this refreshing watermelon smoothie. And with National Watermelon Day around the corner, you should get your blender ready to make this sweet watermelon treat.

watermelon collagen smoothie

Watermelon is not only hydrating, it’s also full of vitamins A, C and B6. Lycopene is the main antioxidant found in watermelons, which also gives the watermelon flesh its rosy and pinkish hues. Lycopene has been shown to support healthy cell growth (1) and support a healthy heart (2).

Picking the perfect watermelon is key to making this watermelon smoothie. When picking out your watermelon, look for one that is free from bruises, blemishes and cuts. Pick up the watermelon to feel the weight: It should feel heavy for its size. Turn the watermelon over and look to see if it has a yellow spot, where it has been resting on the ground under the sun. Now you’ve got the perfect watermelon!

Should you pick seeded or seedless watermelon? Organic watermelon is, of course, the best option, but don’t fear the seedless watermelon. Seedless watermelon is actually the result of hybridization, or cross fertilizing two different types of watermelon. The result is a watermelon full of ‘sterile’ seeds that can’t be reproduced into more watermelons. These seedless varieties have become popular, since they don’t contain the large black seeds normally found in regular watermelons. For more work, pick out a regular watermelon that needs the seeds removed, and remove them before placing it in your watermelon smoothie. Seedless watermelons might have some white seeds in them, but they are very soft and can easily be blended along with the rest of the watermelon.

To make this watermelon smoothie, place fresh watermelon flesh into a blender along with frozen or fresh strawberries, lime juice, Marine Collagen and fresh mint leaves. If you dn’t use frozen strawberries, add ice for a frostier texture in the smoothie. Adding in the Collagen Peptides makes the smoothie even more frosty and provides healthy collagen protein as well!

This watermelon smoothie is easy to make, refreshing and healthy. It’s full of healthy ingredients like fresh watermelon, strawberries and mint. Marine Collagen provide collagen protein healthy for joints, muscles and skin. Make this smoothie to celebrate National Watermelon Day or any day when you need cooling off and hydrating.

Watermelon Mint Smoothie

Serves 1


1 ½ C fresh watermelon, cubed and deseeded

1 C frozen strawberries

1 lime, juiced

1-2 scoops Marine Collagen

2-3 fresh mint leaves

Ice, as needed


  1. Cube and remove seeds from freshly cut watermelon.
  2. Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender, adding ice if needed.
  3. Serve immediately.

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