BY: Grace Gavilanes

December 7, 2018

Proudly Wear Your Love for Vital Proteins with Our New Sweatshirts

Breaking Vital Proteins news: we’ve expanded our usual product lineup to include our very own collagen-themed sweatshirts ($20 each; If you’ve been stumped on what to ask Santa for this holiday season, we’ve got you covered (literally). These cozy-casual sweatshirts will not only keep you warm during the cold-weather months but they’re also adorably punny.

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Find your perfect fit below! And let your love of our Collagen Peptides, Beauty Collagen and Matcha Collagen be known on Instagram and IRL.

Vital Proteins Sweatshirts

vital proteins sweatshirts

Let’s Glow Babes

Spread the word about collagen’s amazing hair, skin and nails benefits.

vital proteins sweatshirts

Meet Your Match(a)

Because your love for matcha deserves to be seen wherever you go.

vital proteins sweatshirts

Pep Squad Leader

A perfect fit for any Collagen Peptides super-fan.

vital proteins sweatshirts

That Glow Tho

Proof you’re radiating beauty from the inside, out.

vital proteins sweatshirts

But First, Collagen

Let’s be honest: “every morning starts with collagen” is your M.O.

vital proteins sweatshirts

Dew Looks Good On You

You’re ready to show off your glow.

Want to get your hands on one? You can never have enough sweatshirts in your closet, after all. Visit to snag yours today. And maybe even a few more for your squad.

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