BY: Lively Staff

September 24, 2017

Vital Proteins Running Challenge: Day 4

Rest days are an imporant part of training. Taking a day off can actually benefit your runs.

We hope you guys are having a great start to the running challenge! Today is day four and brand ambassador, Laquane, is talking about the importance of rest days.

A lot of times, we want to push ourselves and run every day. Turns out, that is not such a great idea. Incorporating rest days and slowing increasing miles can help your body recover and prevent injuries.

Running Schedule: Days 4 – 6

Day 4: Rest/recovery

Day 5: Cross train

Day 6: 3-5 mile run (long run)

Need a new smoothie recipe to make on your rest day? Try out this Vanilla Pear Smoothie that has 10g of collagen to help your muscles and joints recover faster! 

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