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June 6, 2017

Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

Get the benefits of beef gelatin and get the scoop on how to use it

You may have heard some chatter about the benefits of collagen protein and wondered if you, too, should be working it into your diet.  Well, the short answer is yes; the health benefits of collagen and gelatin are abundant, from supporting healthier skin (1) and joints (2) to improving gut health (3).  But let us explain why. Collagen Peptides and Beef Gelatin are two Vital Proteins staples, but with so many benefits in both, we’re often asked when to take which. Read on to learn about the benefits of gelatin, and when to opt for peptides instead.

beef gelatin


Health Benefits

You read that right.  While the first thought upon hearing the word ‘gelatin’ is a classic Jell-o commercial, Beef Gelatin is packed with nutrients and health benefits.  Collagen Peptides & Beef Gelatin have similar amino acid profiles, and are both virtually tasteless and odorless. This makes them great, versatile staples for any diet. But while Collagen Peptides is an all around all star with health, fitness and beauty benefits, you can think of our gelatin as our digestive aide with more precise applications.

What makes Beef Gelatin different from Collagen Peptides?

Their nutritional benefits vary slightly, but the main difference is how they’re used. Gelatin works best while cooking, or with hot liquids, soups and broths. Both can be used cooking, but beef gelatin dissolves well in warm liquids, gummies, parfaits, this fun fruit leather recipe and even in this delicious sweet potato recipe.

beef gelatin  

Why can you use peptides in cool liquids, but not beef gelatin?

Basically, Collagen Peptides is Beef Gelatin – only broken down in constituent peptide chains through an enzymatic process. This process allows Collagen Peptides to mix well in both hot & cold liquids.

What can I expect if I start taking Beef Gelatin?

Using Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin my help ease digestion (3), strengthen of joints and bones (2), improve the health of hair, skin, and nails (1).  The benefits of gelatin are great, and primarily helps the body digest food you might not be used to eating. Gelatin is slower to digest, moves through the GI tract further and coats the small intestine. This is beneficial in gut healing diets like GAPS, AIP, or SCD.

Alright, I’m in.  How can I easily work Beef Gelatin into my diet?

The Beef Gelatin can be added to foods to act as a thickener.

  • mix into soups, stews and puddings
  • blend into yogurt and dips
  • add when making gummy candies, and of course, gelatin desserts!

Beef gelatin can also be added to hot beverages for added nutrition.

  • mix into buttered coffee or hot teas

Beef Gelatin is great to use as a complement to your normal collagen regime.

  • aid or boost your gut health

beef gelatin


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