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  • January 15, 2019 Fitness

    5 Moves to Tone and Strengthen Your Calves

    how heavy to lift

    Nothing complements a dress and heels like a pair of toned calves! Not only will doing the right endurance strength exercises give you shapely calves, but your whole physique will change too. Strong calves create a stronger foundation for the rest of your body. Plus, you’ll be able to exert more power during workouts. Calves…

  • January 8, 2019 Fitness

    What’s the Best Time of Day to Work Out?

    best time to work out

    Do those energetic early morning people at the gym make you want to roll over in bed and hit snooze? Or are you happily getting your leg day on before breakfast?  If you’re not getting as far in your workouts as you’d like, try changing up the time you exercise. Ask these four questions when trying…

  • November 12, 2018 Fitness

    7 Different Workouts for Every Type of Person

    exercise on a budget

    One fitness class does not fit all. There are people who prefer barre classes over high-intensity workouts. Keep reading to see if you fit any of the below descriptions – and find out which workout you should try out next. If Your Bed Is Your Most Prized Possession … Try doing leg lifts while binging…

  • November 9, 2018 Fitness

    This Is How Fitness Trainer Lindsey McMeen Overcomes a Workout Rut

    Lindsey McMeen

    Lindsey McMeen (@trainmcmeen on Instagram), an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp and director of talent at CycleX, answered a few of Lively’s burning fitness questions, from her favorite workouts to the skincare product she uses after a sweat session. Here’s what she had to say. Thanks for talking to Lively! Can you tell us what first…

  • October 28, 2018 Fitness

    5 Killer Workouts You Can Do in the Most Unexpected Places

    happy girl exercise workout

    Heather Marr is an N.Y.C.-based personal trainer and The Model Trainer Method creator, whose A-list client roster includes some of the world’s most famous supermodels. Ahead, she shares five workouts you can do in seemingly inconvenient places. In an ideal world, we’d all have hours to exercise daily in a beautiful, fully equipped gym but…

  • October 23, 2018 Fitness

    5 Very Likely Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Fitness Goals

    working out too hard

    Heather Marr is an N.Y.C.-based personal trainer and The Model Trainer Method creator, whose A-list client roster includes some of the world’s most famous supermodels. Ahead, she shares five very likely reasons you’re not reaching your fitness goals. We’ve all been there or know someone who has. You’re slaving away at the gym and trying to make…

  • October 19, 2018 Fitness

    Why This Celebrity Trainer Says Being Mindful Improved His Workouts

    mohamed elzomor best way to get in shape

    Celebrity trainer Mohamed Elzomor believes in the power of mindfulness. The fitness guru, who has trained A-listers like Michael B. Jordan and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (pictured below) in the past, tells Lively that his positive mindset and devotion to staying present are the reasons behind his revamped workouts. “I used to try to get work done…