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  • February 11, 2019 Beauty

    6 Ways to Help Improve Your Skin While You Sleep

    sleep working out skin

    Sarah McGill (@sarahfmcgill on Instagram) is a marketing coordinator in the natural & organic food industry by day and an indoor cycling instructor by night. She’s obsessed with all things wellness, beauty and Bravo TV. Here, she writes about how to help improve your skin while you sleep. Beauty sleep is a real thing. Our skin experiences…

  • January 25, 2019 Beauty

    The Best Skin Care Tips You Need Right Now

    best skin care tips

    With so many skin care tips out there, sifting through all the expert advice on the best at-home devices, optimal nighttime routines, and esthetician-approved products can be overwhelming. But we’re here to make the journey to a flawless complexion a lot easier than expected. Let’s take a quick trip down Lively memory lane and sharing…

  • January 22, 2019 Beauty

    I Tried the 3-Day Skin Diet and Here’s What Happened

    3-day diet

    As an esthetician, my skin seldom gives me problems. Instead, it gets me compliments. So, why would I want to try a skin diet? Well, when you’re faced with a plan that promises a clearer complexion, you follow it. Dr. Perricone’s 3-Day Diet has generated plenty of buzz since its debut over a decade ago…

  • January 6, 2019 Beauty

    5 Common Habits that Could be Aging Your Skin

    prevent aging

    Anti-aging remedies are a major topic in today’s beauty conversation. From the most innovative serums to tried and true remedies, the goal of graceful aging remains. However, those pesky fine lines sometimes still appear, even after following your favorite skincare expert’s recommendations. Though experts know all the tricks of the trade, keep in mind that…

  • January 6, 2019 Beauty

    5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Routine

    beauty routine

    It’s time to give your beauty routine a major boost! And no, we’re not talking contouring and brow-shaping. We’re focusing on the skincare aspect of getting ready. Keep reading for a handful of expert-approved tips you can easily incorporate into your day. How to Enhance Your Beauty Routine Never Leave Home without SPF Whether you…

  • January 3, 2019 Beauty

    How Your Skincare Routine Should Differ Day vs. Night

    skincare products

    If “refine my skincare routine,” is on your list of resolutions, you’re in luck. We’ve got tons of resources to help you achieve that goal. But first, you’ll want to answer this very important question before embarking on any type of skin-perfecting journey: Is your morning skincare routine different from your nighttime routine? The correct answer…

  • November 6, 2018 Beauty

    The Skincare Products You Need (and the Ones You Can Ditch)

    skincare products

    Walking down a store’s beauty aisle is no easy task when you’re expected to make a choice on which face wash or sunscreen to purchase. There are just too many options! That’s why we enlisted the help of a skincare expert to help us narrow down our final picks. Holly Sheppard, a licensed esthetician and…

  • October 31, 2018 Beauty

    Letting Go of This Pesky Habit Can Lead to Clear Skin

    There’s no shortage of advice when it comes to optimizing your skincare routine. Thoroughly removing the day’s makeup before bed is a must; so is washing your hands before cleansing your face. But the most common tip every expert agrees on: stop poking the blemishes on your skin. Not only are you spreading bacteria with…