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  • November 24, 2018 Beauty

    An Esthetician Answers: When Does Makeup Expire?

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    Hannah Hartz is a Chicago-based esthetician with 7 years experience. She currently works at CaTara Med Spa. Here, Hartz answers one of your most-asked questions: when does makeup expire? The shelf life of your makeup is pretty straightforward. Many products will tell you on the label, and most of them will tell you themselves by ceasing…

  • November 9, 2018 Beauty

    Your Skincare Glossary: 10 Buzzy Beauty Terms, Decoded

    skincare products

    Beauty is a language all on its own that continues to develop with micro-complexity due to emerging new terms. And like any language, if there’s a barrier, fully understanding what’s being communicated is like applying liquid liner – it’s hard. Take glycolic acid as an example. How many people use it just because they hear…

  • July 8, 2017 Beauty

    Natural Beauty From the Inside Out With @LaurasNaturalLife

    natural beauty

    Laura Ehlers of @LaurasNaturalLife offers natural beauty tips to glow from the inside out Laura Ehlers knows natural. Her Instagram handle, @laurasnaturallife, offers insights to natural beauty products, nutrition, fitness tips that go well beyond #sponsored. Laura’s passion for natural health radiates, as she’s made it her mission to inspire others to eliminate toxins from their bodies…

  • February 21, 2017 Beauty

    Beautify and Restore: A 3-Minute Moisturizing Face Mask

    Beautify and Restore: A 3-Minute Moisturizing Face Mask

    As the drying winter months slowly come to an end, your skin could surely use a pick-me-up. One of the easiest and most effective ways to repair the winter damage is using a moisturizing face mask that will give you the glowing boost you love, just in time for spring.  A great way to protect delicate…

  • May 4, 2016 Products

    Introducing the New Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens

    We are excited to launch the new Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens! Whether you’re looking for a lean, clean pick-me-up at the office, a mega boost in your morning smoothie, or a quick way to get your daily dose of greens – we created something very special with you in mind. We are excited to announce the…