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  • January 1, 2019 Recipes

    Try Jennifer Aniston’s Cocoa Berry Smoothie for Breakfast

    We were inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s morning routine and had to create our own version of her delicious-sounding Cocoa Berry Smoothie! We packed it with antioxidants from frozen berries; its naturally sweetened with banana and a touch of honey; there’s a little bit of almond milk to smooth it out (perfect for all those who…

  • June 6, 2017 Products

    Collagen Beauty Greens

    collagen beauty greens

    What are Collagen Beauty Greens? Collagen Beauty Greens combine non-GMO marine collagen with raw organic greens, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics that nourish the skin’s firmness, hydration, and elasticity.  Collagen Beauty Greens support overall health and wellness, hair, skin and nails while helping to reduce the signs of aging. Our Beauty Greens are made with a…

  • February 21, 2017 Beauty

    Beautify and Restore: A 3-Minute Moisturizing Face Mask

    Beautify and Restore: A 3-Minute Moisturizing Face Mask

    As the drying winter months slowly come to an end, your skin could surely use a pick-me-up. One of the easiest and most effective ways to repair the winter damage is using a moisturizing face mask that will give you the glowing boost you love, just in time for spring.  A great way to protect delicate…

  • August 7, 2016 Recipes

    Cool Tomatillo Gazpacho with Collagen Beauty Greens


    Chill out this summer with tomatillo gazpacho loaded with nutrients For a light and refreshing evening meal, serve up a bowl of this Cool Tomatillo Gazpacho!  Made with tomatillos, cucumber, radish, and green chilies, it has a deep and zesty flavor.  Our Collagen Beauty Greens blend in seamlessly for added protein and a boost to hair,…

  • July 14, 2016 Recipes

    Green Apple Mojito Mocktail with Collagen Beauty Greens


    We’ve put a healthy spin on the traditional mojito with this Green Apple Mocktail.  Fresh-pressed juice from tart green apple, lime, and zesty ginger are blended with raw honey for a sweet and vibrant base.  A bit of muddled mint and and our Collagen Beauty Greens add protein, probiotics, and a delicious earthy flavor.  Top…