BY: Lively Staff

April 1, 2014

Panna Cotta Recipe – Raspberry Coconut

Panna cotta is a creamy, decadent dessert that originated from Northern Italy. This recipe packs a great whole food balance with coconut milk, raspberries, and the beneficial amino acids of Vital Proteins Collagen Supplements. Coconut milk boasts healthy fats and vitamins C,E and B. Raspberries are high in antioxidents and are a rich source of Vitamin B and Folic Acid. This recipe is great after an Italian meal or an afternoon snack.

Raspberry Coconut Panna Cotta Recipe

12 ounces fresh, organic raspberries
1 tablespoon Vital Proteins Collagen Protein
3 cups coconut milk
3 tablespoon raw honey or pure maple syrup
Place raspberries in a food processor and puree. Strain and throw away the seeds. Pour one cup of the raspberry puree into a sauce pot and sprinkle Collagen Protein over the puree and let sit for 5-10 minutes, allow the protein to bloom.

Once the Collagen Protein is bloomed, warm the mixture over medium heat until the protein is dissolved. Combine the coconut milk and honey or syrup into the sauce pot and heat until warm, making sure the Collagen Protein is fully incorporated into the mixture.

Pour into individual molds like wine glasses, or ramequins. Refrigerate for at least three hours until set.

Using only clean, pure ingredients, this is a great recipe for those living the Paleo life as well.

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