BY: Lively Staff

April 14, 2017

No-Equipment Exercises: Do Them Anywhere, Anytime!

Try these no-equipment exercises next time you’re not near a gym!

Your workout shouldn’t suffer just because you’re on a business trip, taking a vacation, or visiting friends for a weekend.  These on-the-go, no-equipment exercises can be done anywhere by anyone.


No-Equipment Exercises

It’s inconvenient to pack workout equipment in your carry-on, but performing bodyweight exercises has positive effects on the body in the long run.  Research has shown that as we age, a decrease in muscle mass causes our metabolic rate to naturally decrease an estimated 3% to 8% each decade.

Studies have linked strength training to a variety of benefits including better sleep, more energy, lower stress levels, healthier blood cholesterol levels, and more lean muscle mass.

Jason Debel, personal trainer and founder of said, “A good goal for exercise is 3 times per week. Keeping it simple and integrating the program with your travels, are effective ways to stay motivated to keep a healthy body.”  

Jason offered the following no-equipment bodyweight workouts to help you stay on track with effective exercise:


Start standing feet shoulder-width apart, drop down to squat, then push up position, kicking your legs out. Pull your legs back in (looks like you’re back to a squatting position), jump up and land with your feet planted.


Squats are by far the King of lower-body bodyweight exercises. An alternative is isometric squats where you try to hold the seated position for a minute. Keep your legs further apart to really focus on your glutes, keeping your back straight. Having your legs close together will use more of your thigh muscles so try to keep them further apart to focus on your target area.


A similar strengthening exercise to the squat, but it isolates individual legs. There are so many ways to do lunges to keep your core strong during your travels. Remember to keep your back straight as you step forward and focus on the side glute muscles. When in position, you should be able to feel that your side glutes are tense. Try lunges in motion, on the spot, and side lunges always alternating legs.

Run or walk

Running and walking are also great ways to improve your cardiovascular system and explore the areas you are visiting. Go for 30-45 minutes at a time that suits you. Regular running and walking are also great ways to improve your general physical and mental health so you will never be at a loss.

Prone glute raises

This is often known as the ‘bridge’ where you lay on the floor with your knees bent in a 45 degree angle with your feet and arms flat on the ground. Then lift your buttocks, focusing on using only your glutes to do this and release back into position.

Push ups

Good for the chest, arms, and core. If push ups are too difficult, rather than hoping on your toes, use your knees. You can also do negatives where you just lower yourself to the bottom of the movement.

When you’re on the go…

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