BY: Lively Staff

April 10, 2018

Our New and Improved Collagen Veggie Blend is Perfect for Smoothies

Vital Proteins’ new and improved Collagen Veggie Blend contains 11 organic veggies and fruits, and is perfect for adding to smoothies.

Vital Proteins is excited to announce our new formulation of Collagen Veggie Blend! This much-loved collagen blend is one of the healthiest things you can add to your diet. Reformulated for a more smoothie-friendly taste, our new and improved Veggie Blend contains 11 organic vegetables and fruits, including organic carrot, organic kale, organic butternut squash, organic blueberry, organic strawberry, organic raspberry, organic lemon, organic Acerola cherry, organic blackberry, organic broccoli and organic spinach.

Improved Taste

A lot of the things you already love about Collagen Veggie Blend remain in place, including its nutrient density and bioavailability. However, a few things have changed. We’ve improved the taste of Collagen Veggie Blend, with one of the two servings of vegetables coming from leafy greens.

More Smoothie-Friendly

We asked you how you like to use your Collagen Veggie Blend, and a lot of you told us that you love adding it into your morning smoothies! Our new and improved blend has been reformulated with a smaller recommended serving size, making each serving more smoothie-friendly. But don’t worry: You’ll still get just as much Collagen Veggie Blend per canister, and 10 grams of clean collagen per serving to support your health and well-being.

Benefits of Collagen Veggie Blend

Collagen Veggie Blend gives you all the benefits of collagen peptides alongside 11 organic vegetables and fruits. This Paleo-friendly blend is a collaboration with The Paleo Mom and is fantastic for anyone who wants to support their health and well-being from the inside out.

Collagen, a protein, comprises the body’s connective tissues, including the gut lining, skin, bones, joints, nails, cartilage, tendons and hair. Many people who supplement with collagen report stronger, healthier hair, better digestion, improved sleep quality, and more glowing, youthful skin.

How to Use

If, like most Collagen Veggie Blend lovers, you enjoy using the blend in smoothies, simply add a scoop to any smoothie recipe. You can also mix Collagen Veggie Blend into a glass of water, or try it in recipes. Visit our Recipes page to learn more.





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