BY: Lively Staff

December 2, 2018

What Your Nails Can Teach You About Your Health

Getting a manicure or pedicure is always a treat, and will inevitably leave you with perfectly polished tips. But as you may or may not know, having beautiful nails are one thing, and ensuring that they’re properly cared for is another. Nail health is important and changes in your nails can be hints that your overall health and wellness could use a bit more attention.  

Morgan Statt, health and safety advocate said, “Your nails may often be an afterthought when it comes to your wellbeing. But, certain signs can actually indicate bigger health concerns that are worth a trip to the doctor.”

nail health

Statt has offered some vital tips for that can help you keep up with your nail health:

The Color of Your Nails Is More Important Than the Color of Your Polish

If you wear nail polish often, you may not think twice about the color of your actual nails. But, certain hues can provide warning signs for larger issues at hand. Blue-tinted nails may indicate low blood oxygen levels while red streaks could mean a heart valve infection. 

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The Shape of Your Nails Is Equally as Important 

In addition to color, an irregular shape of your nails is not something you should ignore. Spoon, or scooped out, nails could point to an iron deficiency or hemochromatosis.

Nails that are smooth and without any discoloration likely mean that you are in good health. Pay attention to the uniformity of your nails as they should all be the same thickness as well. 

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Treat Your Nails with Care to Promote Overall Wellness 

Yes, the state of your nails can point to more serious health problems, but they also deserve to be treated with care on their own. If you’re a frequent wearer of nail polish, consider doing a polish cleanse. This will give your nails a break from absorbing the the ingredients, color and other chemicals found in the polish. Wearing nail polish consistently over time also causes your nails to grow weaker, so a break for even a few days can allow for drastic improvements to your nail health. 

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