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July 3, 2018

Beat the Afternoon Slump With These No-Bake Matcha Raw Bars

These matcha raw bars are delicious, healthy and perfect for kicking that afternoon slump straight to the curb. Plus, they’re packed with collagen protein.

matcha raw bars

When you hit that mid-afternoon slump, it can be super tempting to head for the vending machine and snag something sugary to get you back in the zone. But did you know that sugar can actually make your lack of productivity even worse?

While you might get a slight boost in energy right after eating a sugary snack, studies have shown that after about an hour, you’ll actually experience increased tiredness and reduced energy (1). So skip the sugar, and try getting healthy fats and a bit of natural caffeine from these no-bake Matcha Raw Bars!

matcha raw bars

Reaching for something like our Matcha Collagen is a much better solution to tiredness than sugary processed foods. Matcha is powdered green tea that is crazy high in antioxidants, making it a bona fide superfood. Matcha is also naturally caffeinated, boasting about 60 mg of caffeine per serving.

What makes the caffeine in matcha a bit different than, say, coffee is the amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine provides a calm and sustained energy, so you avoid the “crash” that is typical of other sources of caffeine. We love adding our Matcha Collagen to lattes, smoothies, baked goods or even snacks like these Matcha Raw Bars.

Next time you start to doze off at your desk mid-spreadsheet, grab one of these Matcha Raw Bars! Made with our Matcha Collagen, they can help you can power through the rest of your day one bite at a time.

No-Bake Matcha Raw Bars
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For the crust
  1. 1 C walnuts
  2. 1 C dates, pitted
  3. ¼ C almond butter
  4. 2 T cocoa powder
For the matcha coconut topping
  1. 2 scoops Matcha Collagen
  2. 2 T coconut oil or coconut butter
  3. 1 C shredded unsweetened coconut
  4. 2 T honey
  1. Pulse all crust ingredients in a food processor until they form a dough-like consistency.
  2. Press the crust mixture into a 9x9 in pan lined with parchment paper. Set aside.
  3. Next, add all ingredients for the matcha-coconut topping into the food processor and pulse until smooth.
  4. Pour matcha coconut mixture into 9x9 on top of crust.
  5. Refrigerate overnight, or until hardened.
  6. Cut into bars and store in airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days!
With these Matcha Raw Bars, you’ll get the energy boost of caffeine without that dreaded crash. That’s not to mention the crazy good-for-you antioxidants you’re adding to your afternoon! So go ahead, go for seconds. We’re not judging.

(1) Thayer, R. E. (1987). Energy, tiredness, and tension effects of a sugar snack versus moderate exercise. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,52(1), 119-125. doi:10.1037//0022-3514.52.1.119


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