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June 23, 2017

#LivelySummer: Healthy Hair Tips and a Simple Braid Tutorial

Humidity and hair don’t mix. This simple braid will keep you looking your best this summer!

Just like the seasons change, so should your haircare! As the summer sun beats down from June to August, it’s important to ensure that your hair is well protected and cared for. Breezy styles like this simple braid are gaining popularity this summer, but if hair maintenance isn’t a priority, that beautiful style could fall flat. Adjusting your haircare routine to fit the season is the first step in achieving healthy locks all year round.

Julie Kocanyar, stylist at Reverie Salon in Chicago and Texture finalist for the 2017 North American Hairstyling Awards said, “It’s so important to use a thermal protection on your hair before blowdrying or using curling or straightening tools all the time, but in the summer it’s great to add in a sun protectant as well.”

Sun care for hair, Kocanyar says, is just like applying sunscreen before going outside. She recommends Davines line of sun products called Su. “They have pre-sun care, after care, masks, shampoos, and conditioners.” These sustainable products are sourced from Italy and use eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging processes, making it a great choice for all natural beauty.

With each season comes trendy new styles, and Kocanyar has seen them all. Right now, she’s loving braids and beach waves! “Braids are huge right now, especially for summer, when you want to get your hair off your neck in the heat. If you’re looking for something looser, beach waves are still big – anything with waves is always a great look.”

While summertime calls for being outdoors, the humidity can get in the way of having a good hair day. A sweet but simple braid is the perfect way to keep your hair in check while looking fabulous for summer barbecues, outdoor weddings, or walking a street festival. Doable for any hair length, this Instagram-worthy simple braid stylishly keeps the hair off your neck for those hot summer nights! These easy instructions are just what you need to achieve a beautiful braid that will have you feeling your best.




Step 1:

Part the hair and pull one section to the side







Step 2:

Section off a small section of hair at the hairline





Step 3:

Divide that section of hair into three strands





Step 4: 

Take the right strand and place it under the middle strand






Step 5:

Take the left strand and place it under the middle strand






Step 6:

Repeat this method of placing outside strands under the middle strands until all hair has been braided






Step 7:

Once you’ve reached the nape of the neck, stop braiding







Step 8:

Take the middle strand and split in half





Step 9:

Join the outside strands with each section of the split strand







Step 10:

Gently tug on each side to tighten hair






Step 11:

Take a small piece of hair on the left strand and wrap it behind the rest of the strand




Step 12:

Join that small strand with the right side







Step 13:

Take a small piece of hair from the right side and wrap it the rest of that section







Step 14:

Keep taking small sections and joining them with the opposite side







Step 15:

Repeat this method until you reach the end of the hair and tie off with an elastic






Step 16:

Gently tug on the entire braid to make it fuller




Now go rock your fabulous new summer style!

summer braid

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