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February 1, 2019

Why These Women Practice Intuitive Eating: ‘I Was Out of Touch with Myself’

Intuitive eating is quickly becoming widely embraced, with people choosing to listen to their bodies’ food cravings instead of putting them down. Women are finally saying goodbye to diet-first mindsets – and it’s been liberating to say the least. Just ask these 3 women who’ve adopted intuitive eating and are sharing how the change has impacted their lifestyle.

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Why These Women Practice Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating

“Intuitive eating relies on our internal cues and signals for eating, rather than external cultural and diet rules and regulations. Not only does it focus on honoring your hunger and respecting your fullness, but it also goes deeper into recognizing what foods are satisfying and pleasurable and enjoying the act of eating. I believe this way of eating is the most sustainable because it’s not built on stressful rules and acknowledges that your needs and wants may vary day by day, which is completely normal.” 

—Sarah Schlichter, MPH, RDN, LDN, @bucketlisttummy_rd

intuitive eating

“For me, it was half-trying out fad ‘diets,’ and half-deciding to take a step back to have a discussion with myself about why I felt the need to change. When I really got down to it, I noticed the decision had almost nothing to do with how I looked but entirely to do with how I felt, as a result of poor mental health. I was exhausted. I was out of touch with myself and what I needed. Taking a step back and putting my mental health on the front line of my life was how I began eating intuitively. And honestly, that’s when I had the most results (inadvertently) with weight, blemishes, and stress. Our intuition is the key in my opinion! We will always know what’s best for us, if we choose to listen.”

—Jasmine Price, @idreaminflorals_

intuitive eating

“I am so anti-diet now. So anti-diet. I have spent a lot of time applying my studies in behavior to the way I shape my life. I ask myself ‘why?’ a lot. ‘Why do you want to eat this?’ ‘Why do you want to go to the gym, or yoga, or barre?’ If my answers aren’t out of love or feel forced because of the way diet culture scarred me for years, I do not do that thing. Life is so good without a diet. Unless there ever comes a time that I have a serious reaction or allergy to any type of food, I never see myself restricting.”

—Lauryn Elder, @greensandgrounding

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