BY: Lisa Payne

January 1, 2019

Improve Bad Workout Form with These 4 Easy Tweaks

Could bad workout form be the thing that’s holding you back? Even with the many mirrors in a gym, if watching your form isn’t top of mind, you could be stalling your workout successes.

Exercises have many variations. However, within each variation is a proper way to complete that exercise – and endless incorrect ways. Repeatedly incorrectly doing exercises can cause injury and imbalances. All of these can delay your time in the gym, limit your abilities or even prevent you from doing certain workouts at all.

Follow these 4 fitness tweaks and your workouts will always stay the course.

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How to Improve Bad Workout Form

Watch Your Squat

Separate your feet a little wider than hip-width apart with toes slightly turned out. As you squat, make sure the knees don’t go past your toes. Keep a majority of your weight in your heels. Also, a good rule of thumb is that your knees should stay in line with your second toe as you squat. 

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Peak at Your Lat Pull-Down

Place your hands either on the narrow or wide grip on the bar with thumbs wrapped. As you sit down, straighten the arms but keep your shoulders back and down. Throughout the move, keep your eyes on the pulley above your head. Never pull the bar behind your neck. This is incorrect and could severely injure your neck and shoulders. Instead, pull the bar to the top of your chest. Release the bar with control.

Examine Your Abs

Lie on the floor with knees bent and feet flat, clasp your hands behind your head. It’s important to relax your head in your hands. And look up-not forward. Your shoulders should always be pulled back and down. When the shoulders are rounded, they often end up pulling you forward instead of your abs doing the work.

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Take a Look at Your Tread

See if on your next indoor run, you can find a treadmill with a mirror in front of you. Watch your feet as they land. Do you favor one foot over the other? Do your best to keep the weight even from right to left. And the quieter you land, the less impact running will have on your knees.

Sometimes all it takes is slowing down and practicing mindfulness as you train. But if you’re not sure if your form is correct, ask a certified fitness professional. The better your form, the better your workout success!

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