BY: Lively Staff

March 16, 2018

6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Wondering how to stay healthy while traveling? These six easy tips help you achieve balance between leisure time and your healthy lifestyle.

Sticking with your usual healthy habits can be a challenge when you’re traveling. With all the new opportunities for eating, drinking and having fun, it can be tempting to throw your fit lifestyle out the window. But balancing a healthy lifestyle with vacation fun is actually perfectly doable. Here are a few of our favorite tips for how to stay healthy while traveling.

how to stay healthy while traveling

Stay Somewhere with A Kitchen

Our first tip will both help you stay lean and make your trip more budget-friendly. Book a vacation spot where you’ll have access to a kitchen. When you get to your destination, make a quick grocery run to get some staples: Meat, produce, brown rice, whole-grain or gluten-free bread, eggs and some protein bars should do the trick. Make it a point to eat in a couple of times during the week so you can ensure those meals are wholesome and nutritious.

Eat Fresh

The good news about traveling to a new locale is that it’s pound to have some interesting produce you can try out. If it’s convenient, stock your kitchen-away-from-home with fresh local produce. Not only is it healthy, you’ll be sampling the flavors of a new region.

Research Restaurants Ahead of Time

No matter how well you stock your kitchen, it’s inevitable that you’ll probably eat out at least a couple of times. Research restaurants in advance so that you can pick the healthiest restaurants and menu items. It may even be possible to find a farm-to-table restaurant that will help you sample local flavors and cuisines while staying true to your nutrition goals.

Take Collagen Stick Packs On the Go

Eating an adequate amount of protein will help you stay energized and vibrant throughout your drip. Collagen Peptide Stick Packs are the ultimate way to top off your protein levels on the go, as they are easy to travel with and are tasteless, odorless, and easy to dissolve into anything. Take them along on your vacation and add them into coffee, smoothies, juice, you name it!

how to stay healthy while traveling

Pick Active Leisure Activities

A lot of people don’t want to work out while they’re on vacation. But there are plenty of ways to stay fit without heading to the gym. Instead of just lounging on the beach or at the spa, plan active leisure activities. Stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, beach yoga, and even taking walking tours of new neighborhoods can all burn calories and help you stay active.

Take Some Solo Time

Traveling is usually fun, but it can also be exhausting running from activity to activity. Make sure you take some time for self-care while you’re traveling. Schedule a day to yourself to lie on the beach, sleep in or get a massage. Your health will thank you.

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