BY: Haley Shaw

December 8, 2018

Healthy for the Holidays: 5 Tips to Stay on Track

Haley Shaw is a wellness specialist and public speaker for her company, Amp Up Fitness. Here, she writes about making healthy choices this holiday season.

It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to indulging in your favorite sweet and savory foods during the holiday season. We understand if you’re feeling tempted to eat all the snacks, cupcakes and cookies at your next holiday get-together. But all hope in staying healthy throughout these festive weeks is not lost. Keep reading for a few tips on how not to go overboard this holiday season.

Know Your Weaknesses

We all make excuses to eat that extra slice of cake or to skip a daily workout. It’s even easier to act on those excuses when we’re surrounded by people who are encouraging us to do just that. Ask yourself: what prompts you to make excuses for missing a workout or over-indulging in dessert?

Live by the 5 Ps: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

It’s all about planning in advance! Take those extra few minutes before bed to pack your snacks and meals for the following day. Lay your clothes out the night before for your morning workout. Or pack your exercise gear in a gym bag to set yourself up for success after work!

Heading to a holiday party? Awesome! Have a grab-and-go snack before you leave and pack extra “quick and convenient” snacks to put in your purse!

My favorite quick and convenient snacks include: nut bars, a handful of trail mix, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Stick Packs, hard-boiled eggs and protein pancakes.

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Let Your Goals Be Heard

Telling someone your health and fitness goals can help keep you accountable. Share your fitness or nutrition goal with someone you love, a friend, co-worker or post about it on Instagram or Facebook.

Write down your goals and post them somewhere you can see them daily. Sticky notes are great reminders to post anywhere, including your car dashboard, dresser and planner. Take it one step further and utilize my 12-Week Goal Setting Kit to outline and set weekly goals.

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Keep in Mind: It’s Not Just the Workout — It’s the Lifestyle

What matters most is not the 60-minute workout but what you decide to do with the other 23 hours in your day. Squeezing in a daily workout is great, but if you finish your workout and “forget to eat,” over-eat or don’t eat the right foods, you will not get the results you hoped for. The same goes for eating too clean for too long; a binge session will likely happen sooner or later and may lead to a downward spiral. Avoid this by choosing healthy meal options 70-80% of the time. And enjoying yourself the remaining 20-30% of the time. Moderation is key.

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Enlist Help from Your Party Guests

It’s always nice to take shortcuts when you’re entertaining. Ask guests to bring a dish or drink to pass around. That way you can set out a few of your own appetizers (think: hummus and veggies, a fruit platter and smoked salmon paired with cheese and crackers) and let your guests help you with the rest.

A small step toward a goal is still a step in the right direction. Remember to keep a good mindset, surround yourself with encouragement, and have fun this holiday season!

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