BY: Maggie Young

October 4, 2018

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help a Stuffy Nose

It’s nearly impossible to dodge all of the germs that leave you with a dreaded stuffy nose. Aside from making it uncomfortable to breathe, it can be annoying to continually feel the need to blow your nose all day and night. There’s no reason that you have to stick out the symptoms without some relief. Try these stuffy nose-fighting tips to breathe easier.

Use a Decongestant

If you’re open to using a decongestant, it’s a guaranteed way to alleviate the swelling and initial stuffy-nose symptoms that spiral into fatigue and headaches. According to Dr. Marina Gafanovich, an N.Y.C.-based physician, decongestants assist in regulating the flow of air through the nasal passage due to their ability to reduce swelling and sinus pressure. The decongestant comes in handy when you are dealing with a stuffy nose due to the main congestion culprit: the common cold. Dr. Gafanovich recommends that you consult with your healthcare provider to decipher symptoms to best treat the congestion.

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Try Holistic Remedies


Try out some trusted pill-free options to see what works best for your lifestyle. Neti pots clean out your nose by flushing out the icky debris and mucus that cause you to feel stuffed up. If neti pots aren’t your thing, then you can try nasal sprays, which offer similar relief solutions. Dr. Suman Golla, an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh, recommends a saline nasal spray to keep the nasal passage clean by clearing out the gunk. You should experience some relief with a quick spritz!

Incorporate Certain Foods and Beverages into Your Diet

Your snack and drink selection can also be a component of your stuffy nose solution plan. Think warm teas, soups and even some honey. A cup of chamomile tea can do the trick as Dr. Gafanovich suggests it to help clear up the nasal passageway. Good old-fashioned chicken soup can help clear out the mucus in the nose due to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you want a quick supplemental fix, add some unprocessed honey to hot water or tea. Dr. Golla suggests wasabi to lessen nose congestion and of course, staying away from wine, alcohol and beer as they can worsen symptoms.

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