BY: Erin Oprea

December 7, 2018

5 Health Hacks to Use This Holiday Season

Erin Oprea, whose clients include Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris and Jana Kramer, is a celebrity trainer. Here, she provides her top tips on how to be healthy this holiday season.

Here we are at the dietary minefield that is the holiday season! Family gatherings and office parties can leave you reaching for your elastic pants. But here’s the thing: we can enjoy the season and still be good to ourselves. The following tips will help you keep up with your healthy lifestyle while still treating yourself to all the good stuff the holidays have to offer.

Eat Before You Party

Before heading to that holiday party you’ve been looking forward to all week, make sure to have a filling, healthy meal at home right before you go. This will assure you stock up on your veggies before indulging in a slice of pie or cake. And doing so may even help curb your appetite.

Bring a Healthy Side Dish

Don’t rely on the host to serve healthy options for their guests. And instead bring your own better-for-you side dish.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you don’t stray away from your water intake as it will curb your appetite.

Encourage Physical Activity

Take advantage of family gatherings to suggest a group walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Want something even more active? Enlist a few family members to join you in a pre-dinner soccer game or some tag football at a nearby park.

Keep a Distance from Office Snacks

Chances are your office will be oozing with delicious treats, like sugar cookies and chocolate, in the coming weeks. Combat temptation by keeping a physical distance from the unhealthy snacks. Instead, try your own healthy take on a holiday-favorite treat at home to bring into the office.

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