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November 30, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Minimalist Gift Ideas for 2017

Not sure what to get people that won’t feel like yet another generic gift? This holiday gift guide offers 25 minimal-waste ideas people will actually use.

holiday gift guide

From the phenomenon that is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to the popularity of The Minimalists, it’s clear that today’s prevailing motto is “less is more.” Gone are the days when it was considered cool to have a bunch of random things you don’t need. This holiday season, don’t give your loved ones things that will just clutter up their homes and leave them screaming for more space. Instead, give the gift that keeps on giving: Thoughtful touches that will delight the senses, minimize waste, and simplify life. Here are 25 of the best minimalist gift ideas on the internet.

1. Hydro Flask: A thermos is a fantastic way to reduce waste, not to mention spare your loved one from icky plastic coffee lids. If your recipient is a big fan of grabbing coffee on the go, a thermos like the Hydro Flask is a great way to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

2. Audible: Got a book lover on your list? Instead of guessing at what he or she wants to read next, spring for a gift card to Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service.

3. Houseplants: Sure, houseplants do take up space in the home — but minimalists know that it’s space well-utilized. Houseplants can help promote good air quality and add a certain natural charm to any living space.

holiday gift guide

4. Coffee Creamer: Vital Proteins Collagen Creamers are not only delicious, they also promote healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. Choose from Coconut, Vanilla or Gingerbread. 

5. Reusable Sandwich Bags: Bringing a sandwich for lunch every day certainly saves money, but it sometimes necessitates the purchase of plastic sandwich bags. Invest in some reusable bags to save your loved one money and reduce plastic waste in the meantime. We love Stasher Bags in particular.

6. Designer Rental: For the fashionista on your list, consider gifting a month’s subscription to a service like Rent the Runway or Bag Borrow or Steal. These kinds of services allow users to rent designer outfits and handbags, meaning they don’t have to purchase them — or store them in their house.

holiday gift guide

7. Collagen Peptides Stick Packs: Collagen is a clean protein that supports the connective tissues (hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints). For the health nerd on your list, these tiny packs are perfect to take with on the go.

8. Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation: Makeup addicts will love Sweat Cosmetics’ more sustainable approach to mineral makeup. After initially purchasing your mineral foundation/twist brush combo, you can purchase refill packs so you’ll never have to waste extra resources by throwing away your old foundation jar.

9. Amazon Gift Card: It used to be gift cards were considered a lazy gift option. Not anymore! Nowadays, we know that a gift card — especially one from a retailer that sells practically anything you could need — is an extremely practical choice… And one that brings more happiness to the recipient than their 18th new sweater of the season.

holiday gift guide

10. Pure7 Dark Chocolate Bar: Giving the gift of chocolate is a time-honored tradition, but now that we’re collectively learning about the benefits of minimalism, it seems to have a fresh appeal. This Paleo-friendly, all-natural dark chocolate bar is the perfect health-conscious choice.

11. Dinner in a Box: What if you gave your loved one a cute box filled with neatly packaged, perfectly portioned ingredients to create a fabulous dinner? Write out the recipe on a beautifully decorated recipe card, make sure you have EVERYTHING (sans meat and veggies, if you’re not sure when they’ll be making the meal) in the box, and consider including a bottle of wine to pair with the meal as well. If you’re not including the meat and veggies, add a gift card to their local grocery store so they can pick up their own.

12. Concert Tickets: If you know your loved one’s favorite band, why not splurge on a pair of concert tickets for the two of you (or the recipient and a friend, if the musician in question isn’t your cup of tea)?

13. Laptop Decal: A gorgeous, artistic laptop decal like this one is a great option for any technology lover. It allows the recipient to personalize his or her tech without taking up undue space once it has served its purpose.

14. bkr Glass Water Bottle: By investing in a high-quality water bottle like this one, you’ll save your recipient countless dollars on plastic water bottles that just go to waste. Bonus: This bottle is made out of glass, so it’s free of BPA and is totally dishwasher-safe.

15. doTERRA Beginner’s Trio Essential Oils: Essential oils are minimalist in that they can be used to create home fragrances, perfumes, DIY cleaning products, and other scented products. Not only that, they bring tons of aromatherapy benefits that your loved one is sure to appreciate.

holiday gift guide

16. Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen: Matcha is one of those drinks that some people simply go nuts over. If your friend or family member already loves matcha (or has been interested in trying it), give them Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen, a simple-to-make matcha/collagen mix that offers a ton of antioxidants, beauty- and health-promoting collagen, and an absolutely delicious flavor.

17. A Plate of Cookies or Pie: We’re big fans of bringing back homemade baked goods as holiday gifts. Do as your grandparents did and give your friends and family delicious homemade treats for the holidays.

18. Service Gift Card: Does your loved one enjoy visits to the spa? Or does he or she have a nice car that needs to get cleaned or serviced often? Whatever your recipient’s priorities, give it to them for free by giving your recipient a gift card that will cover their next visit.

holiday gift guide

19. Living Libations Best Skin Ever: If you’ve got a beauty fanatic on your list this year, consider springing for the cult favorite beauty product Best Skin Ever by Living Libations. This product truly does it all: You can use it as an all-natural cleanser, makeup remover, exfoliator and moisturizer. Now that’s a minimalist beauty lover’s dream.

20. Fitness Class: Give the gift of exercise by purchasing a gift card (or ClassPass) for your loved one’s activity of choice. A few sessions of yoga, cycling, or Zumba are sure to be a lot more fulfilling than another pair of workout leggings.

21. Edible Arrangements: Edible Arrangements has been around for a number of years now, and we love the concept of giving a huge, healthy bouquet of fruit in lieu of flowers (though those are nice, too).

holiday gift guide

22. Rare Hawaiian Organic Kiawe Honey: If fine wine and gourmet chocolates make for good holiday gifts, why not high-quality, organic honey? This delicious and rare find goes down smooth and sweet, making for a natural, Paleo-friendly sweetener.

23. Butcher Box: Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a huge box-o’-meat. Seriously though. Butcher Box’s super high-quality, free-range meat boxes are a steal when you think about it. You could give your friend or family member an entire month’s worth of grass-fed steak, chicken, bacon, pork chops, and pork loins — and we are pretty darn sure they’d love you for it.

24. Wine: We know, we know, the concept of giving wine as a gift is not a ground-breaking concept. But we wanted to include it on our list because it’s such a tried and true gift idea. If you know someone who loves wine, gifting them a good vino is a nice gesture that they will surely appreciate. We personally love the organic vinos from Dry Farm Wines.

25. Headspace: Minimalism goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness, so anyone looking to keep their life clutter-free is bound to love a year’s subscription to Headspace, the meditation app that’s making waves in the wellness community.

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