BY: Lively Staff

December 30, 2016

A Healthy Moscow Mule for the Holidays

Fun, fancy, and healthy—try this healthy take on a Moscow Mule

Today, we’re taking a collagen-filled spin on a classic cocktail. Moscow Mules are known for their citrus-infused flavor and just the right amount of kick thanks to its inclusion of ginger. This recipe captures that unique flavor in a healthy way with fresh juices and the added bonus of our Collagen Peptides. Collagen is great for promoting healthy hair, skin, and joints, and the added vitamin C from the orange juice makes this drink a nutrient powerhouse. Mixed into its signature copper mug and topped with fresh mint, it’s the perfect companion for a relaxing night in or an outdoor adventure with friends, no matter what time of year it is.

Orange Ginger Moscow Mule
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  1. ¼ tsp. Grated ginger
  2. ½ c. pure orange juice
  3. ½ c. pure apple juice
  4. 2 scoops collagen peptides
  5. Mint for garnish
  6. Ice
  1. Combine ginger, juices, and Collagen Peptides into copper mug and stir to dissolve Collagen Peptides
  2. Fill mug with ice and garnish with mint

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