BY: Lisa Payne

December 11, 2018

10 Easy Hacks to Help You Stay Fit This Holiday Season

When it comes to the holiday season, nothing seems quite as stressful as flight delays, holiday shopping and wintery weather. But while holiday travel is inevitably always worth it, sticking to a healthy diet and maintaining your workouts can sometimes feel even more stressful.

To stay both sane and fit this holiday travel season, try to keep in mind that it all starts with a solid game plan and a can-do attitude. To give you a proper send-off, we’ve put together this list of 10 helpful tips to get you there and back, and as fit as ever!

Avoid Dehydration

Probably one of the most important things you can do while traveling is to stay hydrated! Bring a reusable water bottle to fill up along the way, and limit alcoholic beverages to one or two a day. This will help lower stress, keep your digestive system happy, and allow you to sleep more soundly.

healthy for the holidays

Snack Smart

On the road? Keep a jar of nut butter, fruit, veggies or hummus in a small cooler. Flying? Aim for more compact snacks like raw protein bars or Vital Proteins Stick Packs. Either way, never be left scrambling for a healthy snack!

Use Travel Fitness Equipment

Arguably the easiest piece of fitness equipment to pack are resistance rings or bands. These multi-use tools allow you to keep up with strength-training while on the move. Travel-size foam rollers, glider discs and the TRX Suspension Trainer also make great fitness travel buddies.

Set a Schedule

Getting your workouts in first thing in the morning will prevent you missing a workout. Since things tend to come up when visiting friends or family, set a schedule and stick to it. Keep your loved ones in the know about how important it is for you to have that time. They will not only understand, they might even want to join in!

healthy for the holidays

Stream Fitness Classes

Have a smartphone? There’s a way! Whether on your phone, your laptop or even OnDemand cable, workouts of all types, lengths and intensities are available to you. Try Grokker, Booya Fitness, Ballet Beautiful, or Nike Training Club.

Mindfully Meditate

Take five minutes each day for your mindful meditation practice. If meditating on your own is tough, try using the apps HeadSpace or The Mindfulness App. Stress levels often elevate this time of year, leaving your mind cluttered, your sleep inconsistent, and your weight fluctuating.

healthy for the holidays

Take a Post-Meal Walk

Grab a friend, family member, or significant other, and layer up. Going for a walk together can help unite the group and help that holiday feast digest better. Wear a pedometer or set your iPhone activity tracker for added motivation.

Seek Out Area Gyms

If you’re traveling to a new place, take some time before you leave to seek out gyms or studios in the area. Many places even offer a complimentary workout if you’ve never visited before. On top of that, you can really do your homework and see if there’s a Groupon or Gilt City deal for a gym where you’ll be staying.

Fill Up on Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies are obviously lower in calories than things like stuffing or pie. But they also fill you up faster and can prevent overeating later on. They have additional fiber and are high in water content to keep you fuller longer.


Oh yes! Sleep! It is a vacation, isn’t it? Get to bed early when you know you might be woken up by young kids or have a long travel day ahead. Better yet, bring a pair of eyeshades and earplugs with you if you know sleeping soundly may not be so easy. Just remember, lack of sleep increases stress levels and you’re more likely to skip workouts and load up on excess carbohydrates. Plus, sleep better and you’ll have more energy for your workouts!

Staying fit while traveling this time of year may not be easy. But with all the chaos that the holidays and holiday travel can bring, eating right and exercising will actually create better balance. Don’t miss a beat, stay consistent, and give yourself the gift of staying fit, with or without seconds of dessert!

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