BY: Lively Staff

July 14, 2018

A Healthy Foil Packet Recipe for Camping

Camping season is upon us, so we’ve come up with a grill-ready and easy-to-carry foil packet recipe to make your trip enjoyable and downright delicious.

shrimp foil packet

 A camping trip doesn’t have to mean eating dried or canned food all the time. With some simple preparation and a few tools, you can easily make this shrimp foil packet recipe a reality. If you know you will have access to a grill on the campsite, all you need are the ingredients and some tin foil to make it happen.

This shrimp foil packet can easily be made ahead of time. When making the foil packets, be sure that all sides are sealed at the top. You can store them in a cooler with ice, letting them sit upright while in transport.

The beauty of using a foil packet is that it only requires foil and no other cooking utensils. Sealing the foil and leaving a little room at the top of the packet allows all the ingredients to steam and cook through to perfection. Once the food is cooked and you’re done eating, all the cleanup required is crumpling up the foil and throwing it away. 

This shrimp foil packet recipe is not only a classic camping recipe, but healthy and hearty one as well. We paired fresh zucchini and summer squashes and Yukon gold potatoes to go along with the shrimp. Zucchini and summer squash are typically in season during camping season, making them a nutritional and low-carb powerhouse to consume. They are high in vitamin C levels, as well as vitamin B6 and manganese, among other important vitamins and minerals. Zucchini is great to consume to support a healthy heart (1) and for maintaining a healthy body weight. Yukon gold potatoes are a great option to include in this foil packet recipe as they are also full of vitamin C and potassium. Yukon potatoes are lower in starch, so they hold up well when steamed or grilled.

We added our Marine Collagen to the marinade in this shrimp foil packet to not only keep it pescatarian friendly, but also add in some extra collagen protein. Our Marine Collagen is sourced from non-GMO red snapper scales, making it an excellent addition to this already healthy recipe. 

 Have you considered making a foil packet recipe for your next camping adventure? Try this shrimp foil packet recipe and impress your camping buddies with the ease and simplicity of it. 

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