BY: Lively Staff

March 10, 2014

Fruit Juice Gelatin

Fruit juice gelatin made with Collagen Protein is a simple way to incorporate collagen into your diet without any added sugars or artificial colors and preservatives. We are particularly fond of orange juice, but you can use whichever juice you like, keep an eye out for added sugars in the juice you choose. Fresh squeezed, natural juice is always your best bet.

Fruit Juice Gelatin Recipe


4 cups of fruit juice

2 1/2 tbs of Vital Proteins Collagen Protein


1. Place 2 cups of fruit juice in a cup or bowl and sprinkle in gelatin. Let it sit, this allows the gelatin to bloom.

2. Place the remaining 2 cups of juice into a saucepan and heat just until it’s to the point of steaming. Do not boil the juice.

3. Add the hot juice into the bowl of of cold juice and gelatin, stir to dissolve the gelatin.

4. Pour mixture in a glass dish, whatever size you wish.

5. Place in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours to have it set and firm up.

This is a great alternative to heavily processed snacks and desserts, and it’s also filled with vitamins and the healing power of gelatin.



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