BY: Lisa Payne

October 30, 2018

Heavy Weights Won’t Make You Bulky, Plus More Fitness Myths We’re Debunking

These days, you can’t scroll through Instagram without spotting at least a few provocative posts on the latest fitness trends or weight loss solutions. The volume of messaging we’re exposed to on the best ways to get in shape is exhausting. In fact, it can become even more confusing to find out that some social media posts are less about educating you and more about selling you something.

To clear through the messaging clutter, here are five common fitness myths we’re debunking:

Myth: Heavier Weights Will Make You Bulky

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Many associate heavy-lifting with a bodybuilding frame. However, if you’re looking to stay lean, know that building muscle size calls for a individually designed weight training program and drastically increasing your daily calories. If you lift heavy 1-2 times a week and maintain a balanced diet, you’re more likely to lean out than to get big.

Myth: Majorly Restricting Calories Will Speed Up Weight Loss

Here’s the thing: without a balanced diet, your energy, sleep and immune system will suffer. A slight deficit of calories will help you lose weight, but a heavy restriction is hard to maintain and will likely cause you to overeat after a certain amount of time.

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Myth: Cardio and Strength Training Should Be Done Separately

The most efficient workouts include full-body strength moves in between more cardio-dominant moves like box jumps, side shuffles or burpees. But will separate cardio to strength workouts still work? Absolutely. Just remember doing only one or the other can counteract long-term goals. Do both in balance.

Myth: Cardio Machine Calorie Counts Are Always Accurate

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Did you know that the calorie count on cardio machines can be off as much as 30%? Cardio machines would have to know your body weight, heart rate and your body fat percentage to best calculate your actual calorie expenditure.

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Myth: You Need Special Shoes to Strength Train

Strength training in shoes like Converse can actually benefit your strength workouts-especially for those who power lift. Wearing Chucks allows you to ground your feet and push off the floor from a flatter surface. That’s opposed to regular gym shoes that have extra padding and arch support.

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