BY: Lively Staff

December 12, 2017

These Are The Top 3 Essential Oils To Reduce Stress

Looking to reduce stress? These three essential oils are the best choices for bringing more calm into your life.

Essential oils have never been more popular, with more and more people opting for spa-like remedies to rejuvenate and reduce stress. But there are so many essential oils out there — hundreds, in fact — that when you’re a beginner, it can be difficult to know which scent to use. While some scents trigger feelings of energy, optimism, and happiness, others are more relaxing and calming. There is a scent to set literally any mood, from date nights to spa retreats. If you’re looking for a nice, calming oil to help you de-stress at the end of a long day, here are experts’ top three picks.


Rose essential oil is correlated with emotion. It is commonly associated with the heart (as in, the emotional heart), and all things related to self-love, serenity, and acceptance. It may be particularly helpful for those dealing with emotional stressors, such as self-confidence issues, relationship stress, or loss and grief.

To enjoy the benefits of rose oil, add a few drops on your wrists to bolster your self-love and serenity throughout the day. It’s also a fantastic addition to your meditation practice. Use an oil diffuser to scent your home with the beautiful scent of fresh roses.


Lavender is often cited as the most calming and relaxing of all essential oils. Its light floral scent is both cheerful and mild, giving it a happy yet soothing quality. 

Lavender is best used in times when you want to de-stress, such as during busy days of work, at home in your bathtub, or even right before bed. Add a few droplets to your wrist, or dilute in water and add to a spray bottle for a natural and calming pillow mist.


Frankincense has a wonderfully rich association with spirituality, and there’s good reason why it was once an appropriate gift for royalty. Frankincense is associated with grounding, tranquil energy, and spiritual richness.

These associations make it a fantastic way to re-center when your work life or home life becomes stressful. Use frankincense to quiet the mind during your yoga or meditation practice, or slip a few drops into a warm bath to enjoy a richly indulgent yet grounding spa-like ritual.

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