BY: Erin Oprea

January 20, 2019

How Trainer Erin Oprea Stays Healthy On the Go

Erin Oprea, whose clients include Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris and Jana Kramer, is a celebrity trainer. Here, she reveals how she stays healthy on the go.

Most days, my schedule starts at 3:30 A.M. and keeps me hopping until 7 or 8 P.M. If I’m not driving all over town to train my friends and clients, I’m flying around the country. My health is super important to me, though, so how do I make sure I’m getting the clean fuel I need for my body to run at its best? The biggest thing is to plan. You’ve heard it a million times – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is so true when it comes to eating healthy. I have a few tricks that I use to help me stay on track:

How Erin Oprea Stays Healthy On the Go


We have one day a week that is our major food prep day. This includes a ton of work up-front that makes it easy for us to keep it clean all week. We grill chicken, dice veggies, and bake almonds so that we can quickly add them to omelets, cauliflower crust pizzas, egg scrambles and salads. We also make a bunch of beet juice shots for grab and go energy. Prepping saves a ton of time and gives us quick, healthy choices for the whole week, so we can eat clean and stay lean.

Pack for the Road

I have a lunch box that is my right-hand man every single day at work. It is packed with good-for-you staples like water and my jump rope that sit right beside the healthy snacks that I keep handy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not organized, it’s a mess inside this bag! It doesn’t have to be perfect, though. It just has to be in there. I buy a pretty bag with a huge pocket and I pack it with hard-boiled eggs, my afternoon beet juice shot (obviously with my Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides mixed in!), my lunch of steel-cut oatmeal with egg whites and blueberries, and homemade roasted almonds. Bonus items make the rounds in there, too, like 100-calorie packs of popcorn, seasonal fruit, low-sugar protein bars, and even veggies and Greek yogurt on days when I know I have a long enough break.

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Erin Oprea

Pack for the Air

A couple of years ago, I got a gift of a Yeti cooler and that cooler is now one of my favorite things ever! Whenever I fly out of town, it becomes one of my checked bags. Seriously, I fill the Yeti with tons of healthy veggies, low-sodium salad dressings, spices, my homemade oatmeal and beet juice shots. Now, my fridge at home becomes my destination prep pack! So, when I’m traveling, I can make the clean eating, healthy choices that matter so much.  

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Grocery Shop on the Go

When I’m out of town, I love to go into a Whole Foods near my hotel and take advantage of their steam tables and salad bars. Not only can I re-up my healthy snack choices, but I can also pick up my go-to meal, which is baked salmon (without marinade) on a salad from their selection. I add the low-sodium dressings that I brought from home (Go, Yeti!) and I get a meal that’s nutritious, clean and on track.

I get it. We are all super busy, running from one thing to another, but we can’t let busyness be an excuse to cut corners on our nutrition. (Seriously, we’re all busy. No excuses.) Staying on track and eating right when you are traveling and busy takes some getting used to. You have to develop the habits to keep clean food at hand, but once you have those habits, it’s just part of what you do. This is a healthy lifestyle that will help keep you happy, satisfied and active for a lifetime.

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