BY: Erin Oprea

December 29, 2018

An Abs Workout You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Erin Oprea, whose clients include Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris and Jana Kramer, is a celebrity trainer. Here, she provides an abs workout you probably haven’t tried yet.

Having a strong, healthy core is a lot more than just getting a flat tummy or a six-pack. A strong core helps your whole body to properly function.

When we think about core muscles, most of us think about our abs, but there’s a lot more to it. Your core includes all of the muscles in your torso. Seriously, your core is everything but your arms and legs. It even includes your back! And it’s super important to keep these muscles in good shape. Working your core will make your clothes fit and look better, sure. But the most important reason to keep your core strong is so that you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Strong core muscles keep you standing up straight, which automatically makes you look leaner! They keep you more stable, too, along with helping you move your arms and your legs, keeping you walking, dancing and living the life you love. 

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What’s fun about these moves is that they don’t look like your traditional core workouts! They’re all killer exercises if done correctly. Plus, they serve as a total-body workout.

abs workout erin oprea

Suspension Strap Triceps

Using suspension straps, grab the handles in a motorcycle grip, face away from the mount and step your feet back towards that mount. Tuck your pelvis in, belly button to your spine and squeeze your booty tight. Now bring your hands together in front of you keeping your elbows tucked in. Bend your elbows and push them straight. Keep your core and booty tight through the whole maneuver. This is a sneaky core maneuver when you hold super tight! Do 10-15 tricep extensions.

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abs workout erin oprea

Side Plank into Row

Go into an elbow side plank while grabbing an anchored band. Squeeze your body straight and tight, push your hips up, and make sure your elbow and shoulder are lined up vertically. Now perform a close row 15 times before switching sides.

abs workout erin oprea

Lunge Hold Twist

Take your left leg back into a lunge with one dumb bell ranging from 3-10 lbs. in both hands, held straight out. Keeping your arms extended the whole time, go down into a lunge, hold, and twist toward the right. Return to center. Stand, keeping your feet where they are. Drop back down to repeat the hold and twist. The goal is to keep your arms locked throughout the whole maneuver. Once you have completed 10-15 twists, repeat with the other leg and twist the other direction. 

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abs workout erin oprea

T Push-Ups

Go down into a push-up, leading with your chest. As you come up from the push-up, twist up into a side plank. Hold for a brief second before returning into another push-up, then into a side plank on the opposite side. Repeat back and forth for 8 side planks per side. 

abs workout erin oprea

Dumb Bell Chops

Go down into a sumo squat with one dumb bell (between 5-12 lbs.) held at arms-length. Without ever unlocking your arms or fully standing, move your weight from low on your right side to high on your left side. Keep your core tight and don’t pivot your hips. Repeat 15 times before changing direction of the chop.

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