BY: Gigi Rone

September 20, 2018

DIY Makeup Remover Hacks You’ll Want to Bookmark for Later

Removing your makeup can be a real chore. But just like washing dishes, it’s a necessary step in our daily routine. Make the process more bearable (and maybe even enjoyable) with these easy tips that target the eyes, lips and rest of the face. Your skin will love you for giving it the extra attention and hydration it deserves.

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Both our eyelids and the area directly underneath our eyes are very delicate due to the skin being much thinner than the rest of the face.  It’s best not to manipulate these areas.  Unfortunately, our eyes usually require the most work when removing makeup (shadow, eyeliner, mascara). 

If you’re not careful with your technique and the products you use, it’s very easy to irritate your eyes and encourage fine lines and wrinkles.  Play it safe and use 100% virgin coconut oil to gently remove even the blackest of black liner and multi-coats of mascara in seconds.  Apply the oil when it’s slightly solid, in butter form.  Take your ring finger and gently rub in the oil in a circular motion to emulsify the makeup.  Afterward, take a warm cloth and gently wipe away the gunk.  It’s a super effective, easy way to remove eye makeup gently.


Lipsticks are gorgeous, but the stain they leave behind can be a downright nightmare.  Use a simple sugar scrub (like a brown sugar and olive oil concoction) that will not only get rid of the pigment but will also leave your pout smooth and moisturized.

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It takes a lot of work and endless products (concealer, foundation and blush, oh my!) to create a flawless complexion. And after a long day, it’s tempting to keep the layers on and get right to sleep. But we all know sleeping with makeup on is bad for our sheets and bad for beauty. Instead, quickly remove makeup with this DIY recipe that calls for the following ingredients:

2 T fractionated coconut oil

1 T olive-oil-based hard soap (like Castile soap)

rosewater (enough to make the soap lather and spread)

3 drops vitamin E

The coconut oil blended with an olive-oil-based hard soap gently removes makeup and penetrates skin with healing fatty oils. The rosewater helps soothe sensitive. Lastly, vitamin E moisturizes and protects.  You’ll love this part of your nightly routine.  Apply directly to your face using your hands or use a cotton face pad to soak up the mixture and apply. Rinse twice to ensure all product is removed.

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