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May 15, 2018

Staying Safe on the Road: 4 Tips for Cycling Outdoors

Even in the best of climates and on the safest of roads, cycling outdoors can have many hazards. Stay safe with these four cycling safety tips.

cycling safety tips

Rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, people ride their bikes outdoors no matter what time of year. Even in the best of climates and on the safest of roads, cycling outdoors can pose many hazards. 

Before you gear up for your next ride, check and double check these four cycling safety tips.

Protect Your Head

All it takes is one accident. Wearing a helmet is absolutely crucial for cycling in the safest way possible. Look into getting a helmet like the Schwinn Thrasher Reflective Adult helmet. It’s adjustable, comfortable and provides maximum durability. Wear it every ride!

Reflective Gear

Wearing reflective gear may not feel like the fashion statement of the year. But when it comes between you and a driver who may not see you, reflective gear it is. Wear bright vests, jackets, pants or wrist bands like those from Freemove. Add a bike light to the front, back or side of the bike for extra caution. Take safety up a notch and try turn signal gloves from Zackees.

cycling safety tips

Know the Rules of the Road

When you’re on a bike, you’re neither a driver nor a pedestrian, which can make the rules of the road a little blurry. Stay in the bike lane if there is one. Otherwise, stay off the sidewalk and ride on the side of the road out of traffic. If cars are parked on the side of the road, keep an eye out for any car doors opening ahead of you. Other cycling safety tips include using hand signals when turning, not weaving in and out of traffic, and always stopping for traffic signals.

Get a Tune-Up

Do it yourself or take your bike in for an annual tune-up. Center your breaks, clean the chain and adjust cable tension. Inside your tires are rubber tubes filled with air. They often get punctured, and tires go flat. Make sure when you’re ready to ride they’re strong and full of air. Keep an extra tube with you for longer rides just in case.

Next time you take your bike out, practice these cycling safety tips to ensure you get from A to B safely. Stay alert, never assume pedestrians or drivers will stop, and always proceed with caution!

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