BY: Lively Staff

July 7, 2016

Crustless Pizza Bake (with a video!)

This melty, bubbly Crustless Pizza Bake is the perfect solution to your weeknight pizza cravings.  A lower carb option due to no crust but not at all lacking in the flavor department.  Sausage, peppers, onions, pepperoni, and jalapeno pack a zesty “supreme pizza” flavor punch.  Hide a little of our Beef Gelatin in the marinara sauce for extra filling protein.

Crustless Pizza Bake

Yields:  6-8 servings

16 oz. organic marinara sauce

3 tbsp. Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

1 lb. chicken, cooked & cubed

1 lb. Italian sausage, cooked & crumbled

1 large onion, chopped

1 green bell pepper, chopped

1 red bell pepper, chopped

6 oz. black olives, halved

6 oz. organic shredded cheese (mozzarella, jack, and/or cheddar work well)

2 oz. organic pepperoni

1/4 c. pickled jalapeños


Preheat the oven to 350F.  Have a 9×13″ baking pan ready.

Mix the marinara and the gelatin together in a medium bowl.  Set it aside.

Add the cooked chicken and sausage to the baking pan.  Stir together well.  Saute the chopped onion and bell pepper in the leftover grease from the meat until translucent.  Layer over top of the meat.  Scatter the black olives over top.

Stir the reserved marinara.  If it appears very thick, add a few tablespoons of filtered water to smooth it out.  Pour over the vegetables in the baking pan.

Next, add the shredded cheese.  Then lay out the pepperoni and pickled jalapeño.  Bake for 20 minutes, or until golden and bubbly.  Allow it to cool in the pan for 10 minutes before serving.


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