BY: Grace Gavilanes

January 11, 2019

Why You’ll Want to Wear Computer Glasses to Read This

If you’re reading this blog post while wearing computer glasses, we commend you. If you skipped the protective eyewear, we’re not here to throw shade. Plenty of people (read: all of us) forget that option when mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or answering late-night emails on our laptops.

But as it turns out, wearing computer glasses – a.k.a. non-prescription glasses with a protective layer – is a must if you want to avoid the harmful effects of the blue light our screens emit when in use.

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Pixel Eyewear is here to combat that issue with their stylish line of glasses that help to reduce the exposure of blue light, which can lead to eye strain and can disrupt sleep. “We utilize the latest coating technology where the lenses are virtually clear without a tint,” Pixel Eyewear’s Jenny Chen tells Lively. “The lenses reduce glare and keep the glasses clean while filtering out approximately 50% of the strong blue light coming from screens.”

Seeing as the company has been featured in Vogue,, and Elite Daily, I decided to give them a try on a weeknight after work.

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My Experience

I’m so used to writing on my laptop for at least an hour when I get home, so I, like many, continue experiencing the effects ‘til around bedtime. This night in particular though, I decided to take a different approach and catch up on some reality TV. (Yep, blue light is coming from our TV screens, too.) So, I put on my computer glasses (whisky tortoise style) and watched Bravo for about two hours. I felt comfortable. My eyes weren’t tired, and I’m sure that had to do with my new glasses. I have very low-prescription glasses I wear whenever I’m working on my laptop. But I’d be lying if I said I wear them whenever I’m supposed to. I usually forget to put them on; I misplace them; they’re too dirty to wear; I have too many excuses to count.

But Pixel Eyewear’s computer glasses are really pretty. They’re more of a fashion-forward accessory influencers can’t live without than something to wear for our health benefit. So, the fact that they claim to help block blue light is genius. I know I’ll be using them during my next Vanderpump Rules binge.

How to Help Better Your Eye Health 

Aside from slipping on computer glasses, there are additional things you can do to help support eye health. Adjust the display settings on your phone and computer to decrease brightness, text size, and color temperature. And be sure to take breaks from screen time. Read a book, channel your inner Marie Kondo and organize your closet. Do anything that reduces the amount of consecutive screen time that’s regularly clocked in every day. You’ll likely feel better in the long run. Can’t hurt to try, right?

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