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January 29, 2018

Boost Your Protein Intake with Vital Proteins Collagen Sports Greens

Vital Proteins’ new protein powder and greens blend is a Paleo-friendly, plant-based way to boost your protein intake and support the bones and joints.

collagen sports greens

Vital Proteins’ newest product is going to change the face of protein powders. In the past, fitness devotees and weight lifters have usually had to choose between two protein powder options: a non-Paleo whey protein or plant-based protein containing difficult-to-digest ingredients, such as brown rice or legumes. Vital Proteins Collagen Sports Greens changes all of that, offering a Paleo-friendly, plant-based powder containing 26 grams of protein and 17 organic fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is what makes Vital Proteins Collagen Sports Greens so special. Collagen Sports Greens contain 10 grams of collagen protein per serving. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, but it rarely appears in modern protein products. That’s because collagen has been stripped from our diets by modern food processing, as we tend to consume boneless muscle meats over organ meats, skin and bone broths, all of which are richer in collagen.

But the benefits of collagen are enormous. Collagen comprises all of the body’s connective tissues, including the bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, skin, hair and nails. This makes it especially important for athletes and active people. Supporting the bones and joints is crucial for any fitness routine, and one study found that athletes who supplemented with collagen had a decreased risk for injury.

There are other benefits to supplementing with collagen as well. Because it is the primary component of the body’s connective tissues, collagen supports youthful skin and strong hair and nails. It also helps support the lining of the gut, which athletes need for proper nutrient absorption to support their active lifestyles.

Humans’ natural production of collagen begins to decrease after age 25. It’s important to support the connective tissues as we age in order to maintain fitness and activity throughout our lifetime.

collagen sports greens

Benefits of Watermelon Seed Protein

Collagen Sports Greens also contains 16 grams of plant-based protein from sources such as watermelon seed. This plant-based protein is completely dairy-free and Paleo-friendly.

While many plant-based protein powders are not Paleo-approved, watermelon seed protein comes from a seed, and is therefore appropriate for people avoiding grains and legumes. The watermelon seeds are shelled and sprouted, which removes antinutrients and allows for better digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Watermelon seed protein is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids, which means that humans need to obtain them through their diets. But unfortunately, we don’t consume nearly enough omega-3s in the standard modern diet. The ratio of omega-3s to omega-6 fatty acids should be 1:1, but according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, we tend to consume a ratio of 1:14 or 1:26, which can lead to health issues over time.

Therefore, it’s important to get more omega-3s in the diet in order to promote heart and metabolic health. Watermelon seed protein is a rich source of omega-3s.

17 Organic Fruits and Vegetables

In addition to its impressive protein content, Collagen Sports Greens is loaded with whole-food nutrition. Boasting 17 organic fruits and vegetables, the blend includes a rich assortment of antioxidants and phytonutrients, which help support health and vitality.

Among the fruits and vegetables found in Collagen Sports Greens are organic wheatgrass, organic alfalfa leaf, organic sacha inchi, organic barley grass, organic spinach, organic kale, organic carrot, organic chlorella, organic spirulina, organic blueberry, organic blackberry, organic strawberry, organic lemon, organic raspberry, organic broccoli, organic acerola cherry and organic cranberry.

collagen sports greens

Why Vital Proteins?

Vital Proteins’ line of collagen products are made to support a healthy, vibrant life. All of the collagen in Vital Proteins’ collagen products is sourced from sustainably raised animals, including pasture-raised bovine and wild-caught snapper. The collagen in Collagen Sports Greens is sourced from grass-fed bovine from the pastures of Brazil.

In addition to their clean sourcing, Vital Proteins products only include real-food ingredients. Collagen Sports Greens contain zero added sugars, fillers, binders or artificial ingredients of any kind.

How to Use Sports Greens

Collagen Sports Greens is a fantastic way to boost your protein intake before or after your workout. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use the blend:

  • Mix 2 scoops into an 8 oz. glass of water
  • Add to your favorite smoothie
  • Bake into homemade protein bars, protein pancakes or Paleo desserts
  • Stir into oatmeal, overnight oats or chia pudding

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