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  • August 11, 2018 Fitness

    6 Fundamental Moves to Get Back into Shape

    beginner-friendly workout

    All muscle wasn’t built in a day. Going back to the basics is really moving forward. Try these six fundamental exercises for a beginner-friendly workout. In a world of intense athletic workouts like CrossFit, HIIT and ultramarathons, exercise can sometimes come off as all-or-nothing. But no one who finishes an ultramarathon ever got there without…

  • August 1, 2018 Fitness

    How to Properly Cool Down After a Workout


    Do you make time for a proper post-workout cool down? Recovery is just as important as the workout. Take these three steps to cool down. Be honest: When was the last time you did a proper post-workout cool down? A real one. The workout itself often gets so much of the attention that we don’t…

  • July 22, 2018 Fitness

    How to Hydrate for Long Summer Runs

    How to Hydrate for Long Summer Runs

    If you’re a runner, there’s nothing quite like going out for a long run on a beautiful hot summer day. But when you’re in that almost zen-like run, it can be easy to get so caught up that you don’t even realize you’re dehydrated. The initial signs of dehydration often include tiredness, increased thirst, decreased…

  • July 6, 2018 Fitness

    Health Benefits of Hiking in the Great Outdoors


    Even in the Midwest there are mountains to hike and trails to follow. Here’s why outdoor hiking is the healthiest workout you’ll do all summer. If the StairMaster at the gym is the closest you’ve ever been to hiking, it’s time to venture out into the great outdoors. Outdoor hiking is an excellent workout that…

  • July 5, 2018 Fitness

    Take This Sand Workout to the Beach

    Summer is full of tough decisions, like whether to go to the gym or the beach. How about both? Try this beach workout in the sand! Summer is full of tough decisions, like ‘should I go to the gym or the beach’? Technically, you should always make room for your weekly workouts. But we also…

  • July 3, 2018 Fitness

    How to Breathe Correctly During Your Workouts

    breathe during workouts

    How you breathe during your workouts matters. Try these five tips to improve breathing for more efficient workouts and a stronger mind-body connection.  Ever been surprisingly out of breath during workouts? As long as you’re breathing, there’s no real wrong way to breathe during exercise. However, there are many targeted ways to breathe that would…

  • June 26, 2018 Fitness

    What’s the Best Time of Day to Work Out?

    best time to work out

    There are positives and negatives to working out any time of day. But to find your best time to exercise, ask yourself these four questions.   Do those energetic early morning people at the gym make you want to roll over in bed and hit snooze? Or are you happily getting your leg day on before…

  • June 22, 2018 Fitness

    New to Try This Summer: Surfing-Inspired Fitness Classes

    surfing fitness classes

    You don’t need an ocean to learn how to surf! Hang ten with one of these three surfing fitness classes to surf, sweat and strengthen. Always wanted to learn how to surf but never had the opportunity? Well, surf’s up! Surfing fitness classes are popping up in fitness studios all around the world. Out on…

  • June 15, 2018 Fitness

    Get Toned Glutes with this Kettlebell Routine

    kettlebell workouts

    If you’ve only walked past the kettlebells at the gym, now’s your chance to try something new. Try these top four glute exercises with kettlebells. If you’ve often walked past those round heavy weights with handles wondering what they were all about, now’s your chance to try something new. Kettlebell workouts offer metabolic, core-centered, whole-body…