BY: Lively Staff

February 20, 2017

Burn More Fat with These Pre-Workout Rituals

Your pre-workout habits are essential to burn more fat 

Burn More Fat with These Pre-Workout Rituals


Getting fit and maintaining your health obviously go hand-in-hand, so if you’re already making it a point to work exercise in your daily routine, you’re on the right track!  But did you know that you’re missing an opportunity to burn more fat by skipping some simple rituals before working out?

Your pre-workout habits are just as important as your workout itself, and by incorporating them into your day-to-day routine, you’ll see fat-burning results faster.  Take a look at our top pre-workout rituals to burn more fat:

Skip Breakfast

As surprising as it may sound, eating before your workout doesn’t help you burn more fat. Our liver is an amazing organ. Not only does it act as an air filter for all our body’s toxins, but it’s also a reservoir for energy that’s waiting to get burned off!

Think of your liver as a gas tank that gets filled up with energy every time you eat – including after dinner. Assuming you’re not running a marathon when the rest of us are getting some shut eye, you’ll have ample energy in your tank to get you through a regular workout the following morning. Filling up your tank by eating before your morning workout makes it harder for your body to tap into stored fat reserves that are waiting patiently to sizzle away during your next Spinning class or long run. Only after you burn through the energy in your liver will you get to the fat that’s next in line.

Your best bet is to wake up, workout and drink plenty of water. Then fuel up with a meal that includes a high quality protein shortly after you finish. A couple ideas for a healthy post-workout breakfast include a fresh fruit smoothie or a warm bowl of oatmeal with our Collagen Peptides blended in.

Of course, use common sense. If you feel you need to eat, or if you have a metabolic concern, such as diabetes, eat something healthy beforehand.


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Stay Hydrated

You know you’ll get thirsty during your workout, but are you going into your workout well-hydrated?  Studies have shown that dehydration can deplete your strength (by 2%), power (by 3%), and high-intensity endurance (by 10%) during a workout.  Make sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water before you start your workout so that your energy level is high and sustainable for your fat-burning goals.

Prepare Between the Ears

Working out isn’t just about the physical—it requires mental preparedness as well.  Before you set out to get your sweat on, know what is expected of yourself in terms of reps, sets, distance, and rest in order to remove the guesswork of your routine and make your workout more effective. 


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