BY: Grace Gavilanes

January 6, 2019

5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Routine

It’s time to give your beauty routine a major boost! And no, we’re not talking contouring and brow-shaping. We’re focusing on the skincare aspect of getting ready. Keep reading for a handful of expert-approved tips you can easily incorporate into your day.

How to Enhance Your Beauty Routine

Never Leave Home without SPF

Whether you prefer to leave home with a bare face or fancy yourself more of a done-up look, it’s still important to apply a layer of SPF moisturizer. “Going out during the day, your skin is accosted by toxins, pollutants and UV rays,” esthetician Hannah Hartz tells Lively.

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Sip on a Collagen-Loaded Beverage

Nothing feels more refreshing than enjoying a bubbly drink that boasts beauty benefits like stronger hair, skin and nails. Add one or two scoops of our new Collagen Beauty Glow (sourced from white fish scales) to berry-infused sparkling water or a fruit smoothie to reap the rewards. What makes our Collagen Beauty Glow different from our Beauty Collagen, you ask? Our new product contains Biotin and Vitamin C, which are both needed for the body to produce collagen.

collagen shots

Go Ahead and Take a Shot …

A Collagen Shot that is. Our new Glow Collagen Shot contains ingredients Biotin & Vitamin C, which help to enhance our body’s ability to produce collagen and support overall hair, skin, and nail health. Get one step closer to meeting your daily functional health needs on the go with our latest product.

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Always Wash Your Face Before Bed

We can’t stress this enough. Esthetician Eran Crothers recommends gently using a makeup remover wipe then following it up with a cleanser to wash away the day’s dirt. Apply a clarifying toner, some under-eye cream, and use a hydrating serum during your nighttime routine. You’ll want to finish your skincare routine with a night cream. “You’ll want to apply it right after applying the serums,” says Crothers. “This helps to pack the serum down, penetrating below and sealing it in.”

Remember to Exfoliate – Even in the Winter

Yep, you read that right. You’ll want to buff off dry flakes, of course. But that doesn’t mean you have to exfoliate every day. “Keep your exfoliation to just a couple times a week and keep it gentle,” says Hartz. Follow up with some moisturizer.

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