BY: Lively Staff

January 22, 2018

Triathlete Bari Cohen Shares the Many Ways Collagen Helps Her Wellness

Bari Cohen grew up watching her mother and grandmother live a healthy, active lifestyle. But she wanted to take it a step further. Bari pushed herself to achieve bigger, bolder things by becoming a triathlete and documenting her journey on Instagram at @HowHardITri, where she still shares the behind-the-scenes of her fitness routine with her many followers.

Being a triathlete is a great way to push yourself physically and mentally, but it also requires you to focus on muscle recovery. Collagen helps to keep the bones and joints strong and healthy, something that Bari has benefited from throughout her career as a triathlete. And, according to Bari, collagen also gets bonus points for the wondrous effects it has on her hair and nails.

“I’ve noticed some great improvements with my hair and nails,” she told us. “And I get a lot of compliments on my hair lately, and I always just say ‘thanks, Vital Proteins!'”

The biggest benefit for Bari, though, is the effect collagen has had on her triathlon performance.

“After eating clean and incorporating some Vital Proteins into my diet, I’ve definitely improved my times,” she said.

We sat down with Bari to talk about her fitness journey and her collagen routine.

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