BY: Michele Sotak

January 8, 2019

The Arm Workout You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Michele Sotak (@musclesmichele) is a CPT and Life Fitness Master Trainer. Here, she shares an arm workout you probably haven’t tried yet.

Put down the dumbbells and barbells; it’s time for a new modality: Cables! Cable motion machines offer versatility, constant tension, variety of angles, multitasking, and on top of all that, it’s functional. Cable exercises build athletic muscle, and create a strong but feminine shape, efficiently. It’s a good alternative to dumbbells, barbells and other arm machines that we’ve been using on repeat since signing up for a gym membership. The user can quickly change the resistance for drop sets and swap out attachments for different exercises and grip varieties.

On days I’m working triceps, I want to hit all three heads. So, I’ll use the rope attachment for dual arm pushdowns and overhead extensions; a single handle for one-arm overhand or underhand reverse grip pushdown incorporating core stabilization; two handle attachments for pushdowns with palms facing in; a bar for wide grip pushdown; and no attachment for kickbacks.  

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michele sotak arm workout

Try This Arm Workout Next Time You’re at the Gym

The first arm workout that comes to everyone’s mind is the bicep curl or the tricep rope press down. Both are tried-and-true isometric exercises that are proven to work, but substituting moves with complex compound movements, such as chin-ups and pushups, targets the arms while working on other muscle groups as well. Efficiency goes a long way and it’s highly effective. Compound exercises offer variety, which your body needs in order to achieve change in both strength and aesthetics. 

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Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Bring your hands closer together for pushups. That will really hit the tricep, known as triangle or close grip pushup.
  2. When performing a chest press, bringing the hands closer to each other will also hit the triceps.  
  3. When hitting up the assisted pull-up machine at the gym, instead of using the traditional underhand position, switch your grip and hold onto the neutral position on the bars to target more of the bicep. Or use an underhand grip to do a chin-up, which is even more stress to the bicep.

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