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September 1, 2017

5 Ways Collagen Helps Your Fitness

Collagen is a great way to support your fitness goals! Read on to find out how collagen helps fitness.

Lately, collagen is getting a ton of attention as the new go-to beauty solution for better hair, younger-looking skin, and stronger nails. But did you know that collagen goes beyond just lending a helping hand to your beauty regime?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in your body that can be found in connective muscle tissue. It provides your tendons and ligaments with a sort of flexible form of strength. It’s also in your hair, skin, and nails where it provides both strength and elasticity. And while there isn’t much scientific evidence yet, collagen has also been known to strengthen an unhealthy gut lining like those who have leaky gut syndrome.

collagen helps fitness

As a whole, this multi-faceted protein builds strength from the inside-out. Here are five ways collagen can also help with your fitness program.

Pre- and Post- workout fuel

If making your regular workout shake has become as cumbersome as folding laundry, it may be time to find a new protein. Collagen peptides in powder form are an easy solution to get your recommended daily amount of protein in. Plus, this form of protein often comes unflavored which can help if you’re used to choking down a chalk-tasting whey variation.

Joint health

Even in your twenties, joint health should be on your mind. Basketball, running, weight training, boxing, and other forms of exercise all put demands on your body. While weight-bearing exercise can improve bone mass, it can also break down your cartilage and joints over time without proper cross-training and recovery. Collagen can be found in our cartilage which helps to pad our joints and prevent injury. That’s why it’s important to rest, stretch, maintain good mobility, and consume a balanced diet.   

Weight loss

In order to lose weight, make smart food choices that keep you healthy, energized, and feeling satiated. Consuming enough protein is essential to losing weight or maintaining a currently healthy weight. Protein is generally lower in calories, gives you energy, and won’t leave you reaching for seconds. Next time you meal prep, add in some collagen peptides!

Workout recovery

Continuing to consume enough protein on your rest days not only keeps you feeling fuller longer, it also helps to build new muscle. That muscle also increases your metabolism. Even when you’re not at the gym your body is still doing plenty of work. Your muscles begin to rebuild and you replenish energy for the next workout!

A good night’s rest

A sound night of sleep can often seem like a winning  lottery ticket. But without it, brain fogginess sets in, energy for workouts fades, and it becomes more tantalizing to hit the vending machine than to pack a salad. A study done by the Frontiers of Neurology found that glycine, an amino acid in collagen improves sleep quality. And when you sleep, you more a happier, much more productive human!

When making the loop around the grocery store, consider if your overall health and fitness needs are being met. What can you do to change them? As always, consult a physician before making nutritional changes, but see if changing up your protein power to a collagen-based supplement is the key to improving your fitness game!

collagen helps fitness


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