BY: Lively Staff

January 16, 2017

5 Reasons to Make Collagen a Cold-Weather Beauty Staple

5 Reasons to Make Collagen a Cold-Weather Beauty Staple

Frigid temps and staying cooped up indoors can wreak havoc on hair, skin, and nails and—let’s face it—we already have enough to deal with every day, don’t we?  Here at Vital Proteins, we’ve got you covered with all things collagen, which will help you repair that dry skin, winter muscle pain, and much more.

Not using collagen nutrition already?  Check out our 5 winter health tips using collagen to relieve those winter woes:

Restore skin moisture and smoothness

Collagen helps to heal skin dryness and redness and restores the moisture that weather takes away during the cold winter months.  When moisture is restored through collagen promotion, skin elasticity and tone improve, giving your skin a smoother, more vibrant glow.

Repair sore muscles and joints

Have you noticed that winter often brings on additional muscle and joint soreness, particularly with exercise?  By adding collagen into your daily routine, you’re helping your body to more quickly recover and repair your muscles and joints associated with exercise and activity.  Pssst…we hear that Vital Proteins’ Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides is a great antidote for restoring muscles.

Promote healthy digestion

The winter holidays can take a toll on our stomachs and overall gut health, but did you know that collagen can help improve digestion?  Working collagen into your daily routine may help heal the stomach and digestive lining, aid in digestion, and increase stomach acid which prevents heartburn. 

Strengthen hair and nails

Raise your hand if your nails feel more brittle and your hair feels drier once December hits!  Us too.  Collagen supplements provide an extra boost of protein and amino acids that are crucial for restoring healthy hair and nails, while reducing signs of aging.  Our own Wild-Caught Marine Collagen is a fantastic way to start battling weakened hair and nails.

Satiate appetite and encourage healthy diet

The winter months are notorious for throwing a wrench in a healthy diet and contribute to weight gain.  Collagen peptides have been proven to be effective at maintaining weight, with no adverse effects, as well as shown to be more effective than other proteins.


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