BY: Michele Sotak

February 17, 2019

Get Your Best Arms Ever with This 21s Workout

Michele Sotak (@musclesmichele) is a CPT and Life Fitness Master Trainer. Here, she shares a 21s workout to get your best arms, ever.

Ready to get the best arms of your life? It’s time for an intense training day, courtesy of this 21s workout.

Inside the 21s Workout

Instead of the standard 12-15 rep range, try squeezing in 21! The typical number of reps we tend to complete in each set usually falls somewhere between 10 to 15. But if you’re looking to overcome boredom and trying to achieve progress, incorporate higher repetition ranges. Higher volume generates positive results by changing your rep count and technique by increasing muscle endurance and confusion.

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michele sotak arm 21s workout

The 21s workout is a biceps exercise that incorporates eccentric loading by cutting the range of motion for the first 14 reps of the exercise. Then adding full range for the last 7 as a burnout. This exercise is simple enough for anyone to do, and I recommend a slightly lower weight than what you would normally use for a 12-rep curl. I also recommend performing this exercise with a barbell. 

Incorporate this on arm day and break the plateau!

How to do 21s:

  1. Lower range of motion, bottom half of the exercise. Make a full extension to 90-degree angle so that arms are parallel to the floor. Do this for 7 reps.
  2. Upper range of motion, top half of exercise. Go 90 degrees to top of exercise. Do this for 7 reps.
  3. Full range of motion, full range of the exercises. Do this for 7 reps.

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